Right of residence

among others:

  • Entry possibilities, visa, consequences of unauthorized entry.
  • Family reunion, spouse reunion
  • Residence for the purpose of gainful employment.
  • Residence for relatives of persons entitled to freedom of movement
  • Improvement of the residence law situation, e.g. by means of a settlement permit (Niederlassungserlaubnis) or permanent residence in the EU (Daueraufenthalt EU)
  • Proceeding against a - possibly planned – expulsion (Ausweisung).
  • Limitation, shortening or lifting of the effects of an entry ban already imposed.
  • Residence after separation and divorce, if you derive your right of residence from your spouse.
  • Easier residence permits for members of the so-called "best friends states" (e.g. America, Canada, Australia and Japan) or "second best friends" (Brazil).
  • Special residence rights for Turkish nationals.
  • Residence for long-term tolerated young people and adolescents according to § 25 a AufenthG, as well as § 25 b) AufenthG (stay in case of sustainable integration)
  • Residence as "blue card EU" as well as settlement permit for graduates of German universities and for skilled workers, as well as residence permit for job search for qualified specialists
  • for employers and employees: Advice on work permit law in accordance with the Skilled Immigration Act (Fachkräftezuwanderungsgesetz), which came into force in March 2020.

Citizenship law or naturalization:

  • Advice, examination and monitoring of applications for German citizenship, including on the points of discretionary naturalization, entitlement naturalization, joint naturalization
  • Naturalization in exceptional cases under acceptance of multiple citizenship (dual citizenship)
  • Measures to improve the legal status of stateless persons, loss of citizenship.
  • Naturalization in exceptional cases in case of lack of livelihood or insufficient language skills

Right of Asylum:

  • Representation in asylum proceedings towards the Bundesamt für Migration
  • Legal action against negative decisions
  • Specialization especially in Afghanistan, Syria, Iran, Uganda and Sierra Leone.