Information on the first contact and the consultation fees:

We have put together some essential information for those, who contact us for the first time.

Cost-Free preliminary conversation:

Before we assume your mandate, it is possible to conduct a preliminary conversation, which is free of charges and non-binding.

The primary goal of this conversation is to determine the matter in which you need our help. In some cases, we can directly ascertain that we cannot help you and refer you to another colleague. This may be because your request does not match our activities or legal specializations. Also, we may consider your goal to be legally or factually unachievable. If we cannot help you with your request, we prefer to inform you right away instead of arranging a pointless charged consultation.

A preliminary conversation also allows us to discuss the expected costs, which would incur for a representation after the consultation. If the scope of our activity can already be determined at that stage, the costs can be indicated quite precisely.

Finally, this preliminary conversation allows us to get to know each other in order to decide whether your mandate will be transferred to us.  

Generally, no legal information can be given during the preliminary conversation – not even information on the properties of success of your case.

If you consider a preliminary conversation to be unnecessary, you can directly arrange your initial consultation with our staff.

Chargeable initial consultation and fees

According to the German law on the remuneration of attorney (RVG: Gesetz über die Vergütung der Rechtsanwältinnen und Rechtsanwälte), the client can be charged 190 € (226,10 incl. TVA) for an initial consultation, except if a different amount is explicitly stipulated. The fees we charge for our initial consultations are based on that legal figure.   

The initial consultation should generally not take more than an hour.

Please note with respect to family law-matters:

A one-hour consultation may not always be sufficient to discuss all the relevant questions, particularly in cases concerning family-law. Yet, from our point of view, initial consultations which are too time consuming tend to be inefficient. In those cases, we consider the arrangement of a follow-up consultation to be more reasonable. If you desire an extended consultation nonetheless, it is necessary to agree upon an individual consultation fee. This also applies, if a calculation of alimony is requested after the consultation.

Confirmation of appointments:

You need to confirm an appointment arranged by telephone. To this end, please fill out the client-form ( and forward it to us. The indication of your name and contact details are mandatory. Other fields, which are less relevant, (e.g. your legal expense insurance or bank details) do not necessarily have to be completed.

Cancellation of appointments:

We do not have open office hours, which imply long waiting times and time pressure. Therefore, we rely on the compliance of the arranged appointments. You can cancel your appointment until 24 hours before without indication of reasons. If you do not appear at the appointed time without cancelation, we reserve the right to charge an absence-fee.

Payment options:

The charges for the first consultation are due on the day of the appointment and can be paid by cash, debit-card (EC) or credit card (Visa, American Express, Maestro, V Pay, Visa Electron, JCB, Dinners Club).


If you do not speak German or English, it is necessary for you to organize an interpreter for the consultation appointment. The consultations often imply complicated subjects and it is essential that you understand the content of my questions and remarks.