Information on the first contact and the consultation fees:

If you are contacting us for the first time, we have compiled some information for you:
Chargeable initial consultation and fees
The "classic" initial consultation costs 226 € including the applicable tax rate of 19%. 
This initial consultation is scheduled for 30 to max. 45 minutes. If it becomes apparent early on in the interview that we cannot advise you, the fee will be reduced.
Special note on family law:
Particularly in the case of an initial consultation on family law, this time is not always sufficient to discuss all questions in detail. In our view, however, too long initial consultations are no longer effective after a certain time. In this case, a follow-up appointment should be arranged for any outstanding issues. If a longer consultation is expressly desired, an individual remuneration agreement must be made for this. This also applies if a maintenance calculation is requested after the consultation.
Appointments, confirmation and cancellation of appointments:
Appointments can be made by telephone on any working day from 10-12 o'clock. If you are flexible in terms of time, we will be happy to make you a suggestion by mail.
An appointment arranged by telephone must be confirmed. Please confirm the appointment by sending us the client form. You can find the client form here: In addition to the name, your preferred contact details must be filled in. You do not have to fill in fields that are not relevant (such as legal protection insurance or bank account details)!
Cancel appointments: As we do not want to offer open consultation hours with long waiting times and time pressure, we depend on reliable adherence to the agreed appointments. You can cancel appointments without reason up to 24 hours in advance. However, if the appointment is not cancelled, we reserve the right to charge a cancellation fee.
Payment methods:
Initial consultation fees for personal appointments at the office are payable on the day of the consultation either in cash or by EC or credit card (Visa, American Express, Maestro, V Pay, Visa Electron, JCB, Diners Club).
If the initial consultation takes place by telephone or video call, the fee must be paid in advance. Either by bank transfer or payment via paypal. 
If you do not speak German or English, it is necessary to bring an interpreter to the meeting. There are often difficult topics to discuss and it is essential that you understand the content of my questions and explanations!
First contact free of charge:
Before taking on a mandate, we can, if you wish, carry out a short (max. 5 to 10 minutes) preliminary examination to determine whether the matter can be processed by us. Either by a short preliminary talk on the phone, free of charge and without obligation for both sides, or alternatively a short exchange by e-mail.  
If you want to have a preliminary telephone conversation, this is only possible every Thursday between 10 and 12 o'clock. If we are in a conversation, we will of course call back.
In the preliminary discussion, the first step is to clarify with you in which matter you need our legal assistance. In some cases we can already rule out that we can help you or recommend colleagues to you. Either because your request does not fit in with our offered activities or focal points or because the goal is, from our point of view, legally or factually not achievable. If we can exclude this from the outset, we want to inform you directly and not only in the paid consultation.
In addition, we can discuss with you the expected costs for a representation after a consultation. We work on the basis of an hourly rate or with flat rates. We will be pleased to inform you about the hourly rate. If the scope of our work is already clear, we can also give you a flat rate. If the scope of our work is not yet clear, we can only offer you a flat rate after the initial consultation. And last but not least, this non-binding preliminary discussion serves to get to know each other and to decide whether to assign the mandate to us or whether we will take over the mandate.
Alternatively, you can send us a brief summary of the facts by e-mail and if you have received an official letter or notification, please send us this notification (please as pdf). We will check whether we can advise you on this and contact you by e-mail. 
The preliminary discussion or mail contact does not include legal information - not even on any prospects of success in your case.
We are looking forward to a good cooperation!